Kerensa Haynes
visual. artist.

Painting is somewhat of an obsession for me, at times exhilarating and other times frustrating.  Usually I’m struck by what I paint. I will find something that inspires or intrigues me for whatever reasons I’m not always clear on, could be what I think is challenging to interpret or some ideas around a subject that I find worth exploring, this could be anything, like pop culture or science.
I collect pieces of paper, whatever it may be, a landscape, a person, a list of groceries, an article from a magazine or newspaper, maybe something online or in my studio, or a day at the ocean, from my backyard, in my home, really anything. Then I start to interpret what I’m seeing, often the paintings will lead me, my process is pretty intuitive, I don’t know how the work is going to play out or how it will end. Mostly I want the work to be interesting to look at, the more I can try to accomplish this the better.